Nickname: Bubblefox
Date of birth: 9th of March 1990
Race: Human
Occurrence: The Netherlands
Occupation: Graphic Design student

Questions for me or questions about Tick Tick Boom, feel free to ask me! :)
Q: I was wondering how you got the idea for this manga?

A: this story has been in my head for 3 years now. It started at a RPG-forum. Me and another girl started the beginning; it was a magical school for magical beings. My character was Karayan. The story grew, but after a few years, only 5 people kept posting pieces of the story. Eventually, we all quitted and the RPG was deleted.

I tried to make a manga of the original RPG story, but that didn't work out well (my skills also lacked). I gave up, but the story stayed in my head. This year I learned a lot at my new school about Photoshop and stuff. That's why I began again working on the manga this year. I changed the story a little (not the main storyline though) and modified the characters a bit.

Q: And what's your inspiration?

A: I love to listen to soundtracks of movies like 'the village', 'lady in the water', 'avatar' and so on. It creates this haunting atmosphere where I can work in :)

As for -for example- the clothes to wear for the characters, I find inspiration in fashion magazines. When I have certain ideas in mind, I try to get photoreference to work with.

Q:What program(s) do you use for your comic?

A: Manga Studio Debut 3.0 for the outlines and some tones, Photoshop CS3 for the typography, gray-tones and the rest :)

Q: About how long does it take for you to create each page?

A: Good question... Most of the time I don't keep track of the time I spend on the pages (I do it in parts). I think I spend about 3 hours on a page.

Q: OMG lieK CIn u tEeCh me 2 dRaW? ^^

A: I'm warning you, I'm not that of a good drawing-teacher. I taught myself most of the techniques and programmes (except Photoshop) and I advice for others to do the same. Observe a lot of objects/people/animals around you and try the basics first. Dunno how to explain it... but you just have to practise a lot (!) to get better at drawing. Hench, even I am not fully experienced! So much to learn! :)

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